Best odia Good Night Sms

Sapanara ra ratire, swapna ra kahani ku samarpita. Nua asha, nua barsha, nua swapna bharichhi tanku. Shubha ratri!

Rati ra dhulire baneichhi sapana ku. Tale tale bhabana, swapna ku pucchiye. Nirdhara ra nidare, sukha paila khali achi. Shubha ratri!

“Chandini ku dekhare mo swapna bharichhi. Mita hasi, mita alakhe, antara ku tanku dharichhi. Shubha nidra!

“Pruthibir ghara ghara re swapna basuchi. Nida hueni, sukha mihuni, ashe emiti ratira dhwani. Shubha ratri!

“Nida hueni ratire, kete swapna achi. Aju mo aakhire, shubha sapana dekhi. Odia ra shubha ratri!

These best Odia Good Night SMS messages are crafted to bring a touch of familiarity, warmth, and cultural essence to your evenings. They carry wishes for peaceful sleep, sweet dreams, and new beginnings. With poetic flair, they invite you to embrace the night and immerse yourself in the beauty of Odia language. Allow these soothing messages to lull you into a restful slumber, where the moonlight guides your dreams and fills your heart with contentment. Shubha ratri!

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